Casa de Campo - The guide to Altos de Chavon

Take a trip back in time to the 16th century as your stroll through the cobblestone alleys, fountains and plazas of this Mediterranean inspired Village. Located high in the hills, the Altos de Chavon is designed with the richness of an Old World village and the lush paradise of Central America. In fact, this Dominican Republic resort was designed by Dominican architect Jose Antonio Caro, who drew inspiration from the settling Spaniards from the Mediterranean region. Aided by Italian master designer Roberto Coppa, the luxurious feel and thoughtful touches transport you to a vacation unlike any other. Altos de Chavon was an early example of up-cycling. Charles Bluhdorn, then founder of Gulf and Western Corporation has the brilliant idea of using the rubble and stone stone that was removed during the construction of a bridge in the Resort. The result is a Village which has become a great feature of the Resort. For authenticity, every detail of Altos de Chavon was handcrafted by local  Dominican artisans, masons, carpenters, and blacksmiths.

Upon arrival at Altos de Chavon, guests feel transported in time while strolling through charming cobblestone alleys, past bougainvillea-draped gardens, and fountains and plazas overlooking the sea.

During your stay in the Casa de Campo all-inclusive resort, choose to explore the beautiful countryside of the Dominican Republic. Altos de Chavon is a cultural center for locals and a destination for working artists from around the world. It's affiliated with the Parsons School of Design in New York, inspiring those on creative sabbatical to design in the lush jungles of the Dominican Republic. Discover artists of every medium from pottery to weaving, silk screening, and everything in between, working out of active studios that line the cobblestone streets. You'll have to opportunity to meet the creators and select a unique work of art for your own home.

Enjoy a visit to the Art Gallery, featuring works from noted Dominican artists, as well as artists from around the world. The experience is interactive, so you may have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue of creativity and cultural exchange. The Altos de Chavon School of Design is located here – and well worth a visit.

When you visit Altos de Chavon from your Casa de Campo villa, make sure to wear comfortable shoes – the cobblestones are authentic and quaint, but uneven and a bit tricky for high heels. Te views from the cliff edges are an exquisite panorama, and very photo-worthy, so charge your pone or bring a good camera – well worth the trip. For those who enjoy a low-key day of relaxing and artistic exploration, this is your place. Prepare for a walking tour of the village – it's not a car-friendly place, but there are buses that can take you form your Casa de Campo rental ot the mountain top.

While you may have chosen Casa de Campo for your all-inclusive Dominican Republic resort and family vacation, , Altos de Chavon isn't designed to be a kid-focused destination. If yo're vacationing on yor honeymoon or a couple's retreat, then it's perfect for a relaxed excursion. The small restaurants offer al fresco dining, with a variety of cuisines to choose from, many featuring locally sourced ingredients and South American wines.

Plan your day in Altos de Chavon around one of the concerts here – performers in the authentic stone amphitheater include Sting, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Gloria Estefan, Alejandro Fernández, Marc Anthony. At night, the stage comes alive with a light show and incredible acoustics.

When you choose a Casa de Campo rental for your Dominican Republic vacation, you'll receive exclusive access to Altos de Chavon. Dine at Cafe Marietta overlooking the town and river while the sun goes down, and enjoy the fireworks display when it gets dark. Don't forget boutique shopping in the European inspired city square – you'll find something unique to bring home or just that perfect garment.