Want to scuba dive La Romana while you are staying in Casa de Campo? There is a scuba shop located in the Marina. When you dive with Uwe, you are diving with the Highest Certified and most experienced diving instructor in the Dominican Republic. A cave dive and tec diving specialist. Whatever your diving bucket list may look like. Uwe Rath and his team can help.

Uwe Scuba really does offer the best. Whether its a refresher diver, a family dive or you wanted to dive a number of the wrecks located off the Dominican Coast; Ewe will make it happen.

Ewe offers custom made diving allowing you to choose the dive spots and the activities.
divers can now pick the elements of their dive that they consider most important. The participants themselves decide what they want to see. From coral reefs to caves to exotic fish, UweScuba has the knowledge and experience to give divers a very custom dive experience.

With most dive experiences, divers are in a large group and time underwater is limited. Not at UweScuba. Divers have the option of going alone or with a small group so they can spend as long as they want enjoying the spectacular experience.
Sometimes divers are on a very tight schedule. That’s not a problem with the new program. Divers can partake in the dive experience while leaving time to enjoy other activities the Dominican Republic has to offer. UweScuba will provide the lessons needed for diver certification based on the diver’s personal schedule.

Shared or private boat

Shared boat, but with a private dive guide
You like to have the company from other divers on the boat, but do not want to follow the diving guide in a large group.
The best solution is the split boat.
Here you can share experiences on the boat with other divers, but you have your private dive guide for your dives.
Depending on the experience of the divers, the dive sites are individually discussed.
The dive times, are based on the air consumption of the respective divers, or according to the previously discussed diving plan.

Private boat with a dive guide
Sometimes divers have a very tight schedule or want to sleep a little longer in the morning. This is no problem with the private boats of Uwescuba. Here, the divers can also influence the diving and scheduling, so sufficient time is also to devote other activities.
Ideal for families, small groups, large groups, or divers who want to go to special dive sites. We also offer dive trips over night on the boat.

Uwescuba has all types of private boats available. From small speed boats to luxury yachts or luxury catamarans.
On all boats we serve soft drinks and water.
If you want you can use our catering service. We can make you all kind of catering offers.

Discover Cave Diving
Cave Diving is not for anyone. Therefore, before booking a course, you should first be aware of the new surroundings.
Uwescuba offers a introductory dive into the Cave area. Here, after a very detailed briefing, a dive is made with all the appropriate safety regulations concerning the cave diving roules.
Our cave, which we dive, has no narrow spots, no ground sediment, a constant line, a limited penetration depth, air chambers to emerge and the dive is accompanied by experienced caves instructors.
After this dive experience, however, you can safely say whether the cave dive is something that you would like to continue or not. If the interest is there, then it goes with the courses cavern diving, introduction to cave dive and the full cave diver course.

Bayahibe, Santo Domingo, Boca de Yuma - Caves
The Dominican Republic currently has more than 140 cave systems spread across the island. In addition to the places offered above, we also offer tailor made excursions. Please contact us for more details.

Bayahibe, with the famous cave systems Chicho, Padre Nuestro and Jeringa is right in front of our doorstep. Trips to these systems can be done daily.
Our cave Jeringa is however a pure side mount cave. With tanks on the back there is no progress.
After 15 minutes drive we reach these systems in the national park. Depending on the experience and level of education, dives lasting from 45 min to 90 min can be made here.

For more information, check out Uwe at