Skeet shooting involves shooting clay "pigeons" – targets – tossed in the air using a shotgun. It's an Olympic sport with a long tradition as an outdoor pastime. Invented in 1920, the sport quickly took off as an alternative to game hunting. initially designed at "shooting around the clock," players were to shoot from each position around the circle. Clay targets were thrown in the air. However, as the game progressed, the course was cut in half – now a semi-circle – and a second launch station was added across from the first. The challenge of hitting the targets in various patterns caught on quickly, and became a national sport. It's a game meant to simulate bird hunting, with showers moving around the shooting circle, aiming for targets both low and high. The challenge is the simultaneous release of both targets from the "high house" and "low house" – the shooter must hit each to advance. Shooting is done using a two barrel shotgun – which recoils, so use caution if you're unfamiliar with guns!

At Casa de Campo, enjoy a 245-acre shooting range, located in the lush foothills of the Dominican Republic. The facility is the most comprehensive shooting facility in the Caribbean.

Lessons are available the whole time the range is open, from 8 am to 5 pm. For safety reasons, and for the consideration of other resort guests, the range closes at 5 pm each day. Make sure that you pack earplugs if you plan to shoot – if you aren't used to it, the reports from the guns can be loud! Casa de Campo will provide all the equipment you need for a pleasant afternoon.

The Skeet shooting at Casa de Campo offers varied target patterns each day, ensuring that even the expert level guests have a challenge. There are group packages available, if you're traveling with friends and family – in fact, even teens may participate, as long as there is a guardian along with them. It's something a little different than most all-inclusive resorts offer in the Dominican Republic, and well worth a shot.