Whether you are looking to book a Villa or are already in your Villa enjoying your holiday, here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

1. Where should I fly into?
The closest airport is the La Romana airport located directly in front of the resort. If you are flying in on a private jet, this would be your airport of choice.
You can fly to Santo Domingo which is about 1hour and 30 mins away or Punta Cana.

2. How far is Casa de Campo from the Cruise port?
Casa de Campo is located just 5 minutes away from the La Romana Port. If you are coming to your villa holiday from a cruise, check with your provider as they may provide transport from the cruise to the resort gates.

3. Can I get a chef?
All villa rentals come with a chef to make a fresh breakfast. Our chefs are also available for lunch and dinner as well as to make snacks throughout the day. Let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

4. Which is the best swimming beach at Casa de Campo?
The best swimming beach at the Resort is Minitas beach. A variety of watersports such as snorkeling, paddleboating, and kayaking are also available at Minitas Beach.

5. Can I rent a bicycle at Casa de Campo?
Casa de Campo is a large resort that sprawls over 7000 acres. While we can help you with bicycle rentals, we do encourage our guests to use the Golf Carts that we provide. You can find bikes for rent near the Marina.

6. Can I scuba dive?
Yes!  The number one dive center in the Dominican Republic is located at the Casa de Campo Marina. Whether a beginner or a master diver, you will be in good hands.  Please see our guide to diving at Casa de Campo for more information.

7. How is the horseback riding at Casa de Campo? Are the horses healthy and well trained?
The equestrian center at Casa de Campo is among the best in the Caribbean. While famous for it's Polo, the resort offers a great overall equestrian experience. The Resorts horses are healthy and perfectly trained. Private guides are available for individual or group trail rides on two of the resorts cattle ranches. For more information, check out our Equestrian guide to Casa de Campo.

8. Should we book the all-inclusive resort package?
Staying in a Villa is quite different then staying at the hotel. There are plenty of grocery stores and restaurants available to you. .........

9. Is Casa de Campo a good resort for a Family Reunion?
Yes! Casa de Campo offers something for everyone regardless of age. Browse our collection of large villas for your next family get together.

10. Do we need to make restaurant reservations?
Making reservations are not necessary, but if you want a preferred table at your preferred time (sunset?) then definitely make a reservation. If you are a large group, making a reservation will make sure that you are seated quickly.

11. We are considering doing a 20 guy golf trip to casa de campo and renting a villa.  Where can we do groceries?
There are a few places to do groceries. At the Marina and Altos de Chavon are grocery stores that are not outrageously prices. There is also a grocery store located a mile outside of the resort.

12. What is the best way to get to Casa de Campo from Punta Cana?
The easiest way to get to Casa de Campo from Punta Cana is by Taxi. The expected fair is around 120$.