Mama Juana - Mystical Dominican Republic Beverage

Mama Juana is something which can only be experienced by the Dominicans, the tourists, and Dominican resort lovers.
Mama Juana is a French word which has the same meaning as the English word demijohn. Demijohn means a sizeable squat bottle with a narrow neck, usually covered in wicker.

Evolution of Mama Juana:
Mama Juana was a drink evolved from its early form as herbal tea which was prepared by the Taino Indians. This drink included water from different tree bark and herbs. Earlier in the post-Columbus era, an additional ingredient, alcohol, was added to the recipe by the Spaniards when they were settling down in Santo Domingo. It is known that Jesus Rodriguez invented the drink as we know it today in the 1950s.

Preparation of Mama Juana:
Mama Juana is a beverage of the Dominican Republic and Haiti which is prepared by mixing rum, red wine, and honey and allowing it to soak in a bottle containing tree barks and herbs. It has a flavor like port wine and has a deep red color. There are various versions of the drink depending on the ingredients specific to different regions. However, the standard components include the Marabeili, Bohuco Pega Palo, Candelilla, Timacle, Maguey, and few others. People add their ingredients to the recipe such as cinnamon, raisins, strawberry, molasses, and lemon juice.

Benefits of Mama Juana:
Mama Juana is rumored to be aphrodisiac, but it is also consumed for its medicinal values.
It is a natural cure for all aches and pains.
It has various positive effects for the human health which range from a flu remedy to a digestion and circulation aid. It also works as a blood cleanser, sexual potency enhancer, kidney, and liver tonic.
The most common way to consume this drink in the Dominican Republic is neat or as a room temperature shot, which effects almost immediately. Hence, the drink is referred to as the “Baby Maker” or El Para Palo, which means ‘lift the stick.’
Mama Juana is known to be an all-inclusive healer. Mixtures using cinnamon are mostly used to maintain blood sugar. Recipes including cloves are said to reduce pain, and as honey has been a natural cure for centuries, the Dominicans believe it think that it can improve symptoms of flu. It can also be consumed as an energy boost.
Mama Juana is often referred to as Viagra Dominic as this strong drink breaks down your inhibitions pretty quickly due to its potency.

Types of Mama Juana
Mama Juana is packed in two ways. The first is to merely take herbs and tree barks at home with you and then mix it with rum and wine by yourself. The other is the prepared version which is pre-mixed for direct consumption. The US and Canadian customs do not allow the passengers to carry Mama Juana if it is not in liquid form.
Mama Juana Market overview:
Recently Mama Juana has been quite popular due to the availability of its commercial brands in the Dominican Republic and internationally. Its premium brands are sold and exported globally. Brands that prepare ready to drink Mama Juana such as Tremols and Kalembú are also available and can easily be purchased in duty-free shops, resorts, and liquor stores. Aside from the Dominican Republic, the consumption of Mama Juana has also increased in Miami and Miami Beach, New York, Spain, and Peru. The drink is becoming a world household beverage.

A Household Beverage:
It is believed that Mama Juana is a unique addition to any gathering of friends and family. It helps in adding more fun and excitement to any gathering. These events, parties or meetings do not need any special lunch or dinner after tasting this delicious beverage. All you need to do is prepare your version of the drink and make it a new tradition at your household. This drink gives you the taste of the Dominican culture indeed.