August 2, 2018

Casa De Campo: Romantic Getaways

Meeting new people that surprisingly become part of us the rest of our lives is something worth a getaway, more so if we fall in love with them and decide that they can become our better halves. Ensuring that you make such an event memorable is quite daunting. Casa de Campo is a perfect place where you can have a dream fairytale wedding. Here are some more events you can hold at the Casa de Campo.


When it's time to pop that most difficult question, Casa de Campo comes in handy. Ranging from that iconic seaside to a quiet place under the green lawns to a private candlelight dinner, the choice is yours. Some notable restaurants include the Minitas Beach Hotel and the La Piazzetta.

Perfect Engagement Party

Walking with you on this love journey is our ultimate goal. We thus offer you countless natural scenes that have served for many years as the best backdrops for engagement parties and photo shoots. Photographers know this place pretty well. You just need to explain to them what you want, and they will find a good place for you. Altos De Chavon might be a perfect one. The staircase that overlooks the river or the ever-colorful streets of Marina. You can also reserve one of the luxurious villas too.

Weddings Too

When the big day finally arrives, you can choose a good venue around and book for both reception and ceremony as well. This will certainly be based on the number of guests plus a wedding planner or specialist. Since the Dominican Republic is widely Catholic, you will not have a hard time getting a priest to officiate your ceremony if you are Catholic too.

Here Comes the Honeymoon

This is your first time as husband and wife. The last thing you want is unnecessary interruptions from random guests. At Casa de Camp you can enjoy your honeymoon at your own pace. Have breakfast brought right where you are, pop champagne bottles and enjoy romantic candlelight dinners together. You also can make it a tradition and visit Casa de Campo to celebrate your anniversaries, we will wait for you with wide open arms.