August 2, 2018

Flying to Casa de Campo like a Boss

By now, you are probably into the idea of taking the next flight to the Dominican Republic and enjoy the sunny beaches. This is the time you remember that there are certain things that you need to iron out. Such include booking a room, getting a good flight and perhaps packing those personal effects that you might need. This guide brings on board some useful tips that you might need.

Trip Pre-requisites

It's always a good idea to book a room and a flight together. It saves a lot of money, time and reduces lots of hassles. You choose the dates of your vacations, mark special days and many more other details. Include the number of travelers and the rooms you will need too. This saves a lot on time and the number of service providers you might need to deal with.

Packing your Personal Effects

Remember that you don't need to carry along too many personal effects. After all, there are some that you might get from the hotel room or still buy here in the Dominican Republic. You might just need a medium suitcase since you are going to a warm country. There will be no need to carry bulky sweaters and jackets. Just pack shorts, vests some tops, dresses, bathing suits and probably sandals. In case you intend to go golfing, remember to carry your tracksuits too.

Some More Essentials

You will need to remember these essentials too

Passport and ID
Credit cards
Boarding pass
Printed reservation
Foreign currency
Credit cards
Travel health insurance
Hygiene products
Phone chargers
Travel-friendly toiletries
Water bottle
Relax During the Flight

Flights can be tiresome. So you need to get prepared for a long flight ahead. You might need a lot of water during the flight. Flight attendants will provide this. Some pillow to sleep will save you unnecessary neck aches. Some little entertainment during a long flight can kill boredom too. You can carry along some novels or magazines too.

Awarding Winning Casa de Campo 2017

Casa de Campo was recognized as number 18 out of 50 on the top Caribbean hotels in the year 2017. During the awards, the president of Casa de Campo noted that it was really a great honor to be ranked on the list best restaurants in the Caribbean. He also noted that Conde' Nast Travelers readers is a renowned travel group and being in their ranking isn't a mean feat. It is a testament to a wonderful customer care and an experienced catering team. This rating is a result of over 300,000 readers that submitted their feedback about the hotel. Over 7320 resorts and hotels participated in the survey. Others that participated in the survey are about 158 airlines and 468 cruise ships.

The Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards is one of the most coveted awards in the Caribbean. Most people refer it to as the best of the best travel. The awards were announced on 24th October 2017 and published on the company website later the same day.

It's not disputable that Casa de Campo is a leading member of the hotelier industry. Our hotel rooms and luxury villas are spacious. In all our restaurants we sell the finest spirits and wines. We also own a 370 slip marina yacht that we offer to our customers for voyages at subsidized prices. Another top facility is a 245-acre shooting club in the southern coast that you can try to perfect your shooting skills. We also have the most difficult golf courses in the Dominican Republic.

Casa de Campo houses the Altos de Chavon, a traditional village that has been modeled to look like a modern village with a lot of boutique shops, museums, and an amphitheater. It was inaugurated by Frank Sinatra in late 1992.