August 2, 2018

Three reasons Casa de Campo should be your next golf destination

3 Reasons to Play Golf at Casa de Campo

Touring the Caribbean with golf buddies should remain a memorable affair. November is considered the best month to hook up with old folks and escape winter temperatures at home.

Dye Masterpieces

Top three dye masterpieces that regularly make main golf rankings are known to every golfer. These include teeth of the dog, The Links and Dye Fore. They offer very spectacular sceneries and plays. It's a time to hook up with other golfing pros. We take golf very seriously and it forms part of the resort's identity. This is a top reason why you need to tag your friends along for this golfing trip.

Fully Equipped Amenities

Here at Casa de Campo, we take golf seriously. When you come to the golf, we ensure everything else you need is catered for. From well-manicured lawns to world-class changing rooms to experienced caddies are some of the services available. This also means that you can tour lots of Dominican beaches, perhaps try some gourmet dishes or even try out some new sports.

Best Offer Ever

One Camp de Campo villas can take up to 5 adults. That is if you can tag along with friends on your golfing trip they can all have some proper accommodation in one of the villas. You can take advantage of the reduced rates per head and enjoy this Caribbean luxurious getaway. In your package, we include restaurant meals, golf carts and definitely some free WIFI too.