August 2, 2018

Vacation "Must Haves" for a Casa de Campo Vacation

The incontinence of lacking some basic things while at the beach or during one of your strolls in the bush isn't fun at all. Here are some things that you shouldn't forget the next time you are taking some time out.

A Good Book

Let the book keep you occupied while you sip some pina coladas. There are lots of books that you can get in your hotel room or at the villa. Alternatively, you can come with some from home.

Some Sandals

Walking around beaches wearing high heels is certainly ridiculous. Sandals are a basic need if you will take some time at the beaches. You can buy some sandals here in the Dominican Republic or come along with some from home

A Power Bank

This will come in handy especially when your phone battery is draining too fast. You don't want to miss any moment, so make sure you got a backup charger. A small portable one that can easily fit in your pocket is certainly the best.

Water Proof sunscreen

Being alone on the beach while everyone else is diving into the waters can be boring. Make sure to carry some waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from the hot rays during the shallow water excursions.