August 2, 2018

Why 2018 is the year to start checking off your Vacation goals

The new year is now midway. There are lots of resolutions that you had before the year started. Perhaps you haven't done a lot about any of them. This thus means they are broken promises. Here are some achievable goals that you can consider this year. Visiting Casa de Campo should certainly be one of them. Remember a vacation once in your lifetime

Get Organized

We can help you with the preparations. Helping you organize your next getaway is our fulltime job. Whether you are traveling alone or as a group, we got you covered. Nuptials on the way? Why not do the historic wedding at the Casa de Campo.

Learning Some New Hobbies

In the midst of your busy schedules, there should be something you can do for fun. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here at Casa de Campo, there are lots of activities that might interest you and perhaps become new hobbies. Scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing are some of the sea activities that you might find fun in. if the sea gives you sickness, then consider horse riding or even shopping around.

Economy and Luxury

Your bank account doesn't necessarily have to feel the pinch of a vacation. We have packages that are well crafted for some memorable luxury while still remaining economical.

Lots of Travel

If traveling isn't a hobby you have previously considered, after visiting Casa de Campo, you will perhaps consider it. If you are already planning to visit this amazing resort, you are halfway to making traveling a hobby. Some historic places that you need to visit once you land here include the Hacienda Higueral Ranch. It's perhaps the first time you will be meeting local cowboys riding horses. A visit to Casa de Campo will not be complete if you dont pay Altos de Chavon a visit. This Caribbean village boasts lots of rich culture and history of citizens of the Dominican Republic.