August 2, 2018

Why Spring time is a great time to visit Casa de Campo

Why you Need to Visit Casa de Campo  in the Spring!

Had a long winter? Well, that is unheard of here in the Dominican Republic. There are minimal temperature variations. You can enjoy summer all year long. Each season summer or spring brings a new breath of freshness in Casa.

Casa de Campo International Blue Marlin Classic

Every year, on the third week of April, billfish enthusiasts are invited to the Casa de Campo International Blue Marlin Classic tournament. Catching all manner of spectacular fish rocks this event. There is also a triathlon for those that love getting physical. You can join others and perhaps test your fishing skills too.

Lots of Eateries

Spring in the Dominican Republic brings along the most pleasant foodies. Casa de Campo is the venue for The Wine Tour 2018. There are many more extravaganzas that bring together over 100 top wines. Prepare your taste buds for this thrilling experience. There are lots of white and red wines, so you won't miss your favorite.

May is made special by the Flavors of the World. This is one amazing culinary experience that will take you the world's most popular dishes. High profile chefs from different parts of the world grace this event with their mouthwatering cuisines.

Nature Expeditions

Be sure to spare one day for the excursions and trips for family packages. There are lots of hidden treasures like the Las Maravillas cave, Catalina Island or even the Hacienda Higueral. You can also meditate while strolling along the green golf lawns under the marvel of the tree canopies. There is a very large collection of wild birds that live here. During your meditation strolls, the mesmerizing bird songs can really be soothing.