August 2, 2018

Your Next Vacation's Wear

You are perhaps aware that summer in the Dominican Republic lasts all year round. If it is the very first time you are experiencing tropical weather, it can really be challenging especially if you didn't carry along the correct apparel. This guide looks in the correct dressing code for your Dominican get away.

Beach Wear

Since you will certainly be visiting the beach you need to carry along your rash guards, swim trunks, board swims and some bikinis of course. As a lady, you will also need a pareo too. The breezy fabric is meant to cover your body when relaxing on the beach. It can act as some sort of dress too. Lastly, for your beach apparel, don't forget to carry along a bag to help you keep together your personal belonging.

Comfy Clothing

Your stay at this Caribbean nation will be spiced up if you have the right apparel. So what does the comfy clothing for this trip look like?

Cotton and linen fabric will be ideal for this trip since they are lightweight. Remember you might find yourself sweating a lot especially if you aren't used to high tropical temperatures. So you need a clothing that absorbs that sweat and moisture in the air around. This enables your body to cool and lose heat appropriately.

Warm colors
You certainly want to walk along a beach wearing a black bikini. That won't be nice on your Insta. Some all-white dinner dress, a multicolored beach set or some floral patterned shirt are some ideal clothes for your Dominican visit.

Get some comfy and Protective wear

Strolling around cobblestone streets won't be very comfortable if you are in high heels. This means that it is a good idea that you get some light flat shoes. Bring along your cutest sandals. Men are advised not to forget their moccasins. A pair of sunglasses is also a necessity since it will protect your eyes while remaining very stylish. You also need to be well advised that not many restaurants will allow you in if you are in your beachwear. You will either need to change the bikinis to something casual or confirm that your hotel doesn't have such restrictions.

Lastly, don't forget some vacation sportswear, perhaps a polo, some tennis outfits or diving suits. Also, have some little more extra funds as there are lots of gift shops at Altos de Chavon and Marina.